Under-The-Counter or Counter Top Installation

With its unique technology, flexible design and compact size the WOW reverse osmosis system allows for both under-the-counter installation or counter top installation – so both renters and home owners can enjoy clean, pure RO water at their fingertips.  The system is also easily installed in RV’s, boats and ice makers.  It can also operate at low water pressure – this has worldwide benefits.

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Plumber or Dealer?

We have something special for you!

Best Water = Better Health

As an essential nutrient for our bodies, nothing tops water.  But not just any water – your body requires pure water.  With chlorine, fluoride, lead and other chemical contaminants (including residual pharmaceutical drugs) routinely present in our water supply, today’s water does not make for healthy people. WOW water is pure – it makes for healthy people.

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Better Quality Water

With game-changing technology, the WOW reverse osmosis water system produces the highest quality RO water in the industry.  As added bonuses, the multi-patented WOW system delivers a constant flow rate – no other residential RO system does this – and produces up to 500% less waste water of any conventional RO system available.

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Save Money – Save the Planet

Bottled water from Costco, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, etc. costs a small fortune (and do you know about the Pacific Garbage Patch? – a floating island the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean made of plastic trash, water bottles and bags – Google it).  With your own WOW reverse osmosis system you get a win-win situation – better quality, less costly, and better for the environment.

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Additional systems can be installed in ‘serial sequence’ for greater volume demand such as in the food service industry, commercial coffee and soda machines.  No other RO system in its class allows for this flexibility.